mardi 23 juin 2009

What I've been up to

Just had no time to blog - courses here & away + a trip to England have kept me very busy. I'm happy to say that my piece was accepted for the Pfaff Art Embroidery Challenge so I shan't be seeing it again for at least a year.
As usual my courses here have been much appreciated from the point of view of Peter's cooking! He really pulled the stops out this last week - they wanted to pack him up and take him home!

The Quilt en Sud exhibition has so far yielded two good dates for the Autumn both regional meetings of combined patchwork clubs in the Landes & the Pyrenées so I'll be talking and teaching to over 100 people for each day! Quite a lot of preparation for that between now and the end of September.
We're away for a month in the summer and then Sep starts up again in earnest. As well as a course here I'll be going to Switzerland with our choir for a weekend concert and I have organised a week's exhibition of my work locally which I'm looking forward to.

Aucun temps d'écrire mon blog jusqu'a maintenant - trop de travail. Mon morceau pour le Pffaf challenge a été accepté et je suis contente. Comme d'habitude la cuisine de Peter a été bien apprécié pendant mes cours ici à la maison - presque plus que les cours! En automne je vais animer 2 jours de l'amitié dans le Landes et Les Pyrenées Atlantique. Le début du Sep j'organise un cour (5 jours) à la maison et une seamine plus tard je vais exposer tous mes oeuvres dans un locale pas loin de chez nous.

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