mercredi 28 janvier 2009

la couleur choisie pour la partie en français n'est pas assez claire alors j'essaie en rouge


I have decided to try & write my blog in French as well as English. The French will really be a précis of the English as it is not easy to express oneself properly in a foreign language.

We are off to the Pyrenees tomorrow to see my youngest son and his very new daughter Eva. We now have 5 grandchildren between us 3 of whom are are my 'own blood'.
In the meantime I'll carry on preparing for the exhibition in Bourbonne and hope to start some new work once that's up - back to things French I think. Not a lot of inspiration this last time from Australia as although I saw new areas I couldn't see embroideries coming from them. Next time....?

On part demain voir la nouvelle fille - Eva - de mon fils qui habite Ax les Thermes dans les Pyrennees.
Entretemps je continue préparer mon expo pour le Musée de Bourbonne les Bains et une fois qu'il est en place je commencerai des nouvelles broderies. J'ai pas mal d'images de paysages en France que j'ai envie commencer. Mon dernier voyage en Australie m'a pas inspiré plus que le
premier car j'ai vue presque les mêmes endroits.

mardi 27 janvier 2009


I was trying to find my forgotten blog email address - I'm very new to all this - and on googling my name I was astonished at the number of references to me on all sorts of sites that I know nothing about. It's all good I suppose but nothing is secret any more as the search engines pick up the least mention. So I'm out there in the world without me being aware of the half of it.
I now know for examle that I've got 5 'Art embroidery' for sale on a secondhand bookseller's site in the USA! Amazing isn't it?

Today is beautiful and since I'm not starting anything new until I've put up the exhibition in Bourbonne I think I'll go for a walk in the woods and the vineyards.

En 'googling' mon nom j'ai éte étonné par le nombre de réference à moi sur des sites que je connai pas de tout. 5 livres 'Art emboidery' sur un site americain par exemple.

Je vais me promener car le soleil brille et j'attend de faire une nouvelle broderie jusqu'au moment de mon expo au Musée de Bourbonne les Bains fév. 14

lundi 19 janvier 2009 Rent our house for a summer holiday

We're hoping to go and explore Europe for a week or two this summer so would like some sympathetic people to come and enjoy our house and area during our absence. Peter has created an extra page on my website where you can see lots of photos and information.

dimanche 18 janvier 2009

Events to come

I have been preparing for my exhibition for the Musée de Bourbonne les Bains opening 14 February. It will run until May 8 and immediately after that I am exhibiting at Quilt en Sud 14 - 17 May in St Jean de Luz on the West coast not far from the Spanish border.

I was asked to exhibit in Bourbonne a thermal cure town, after taking part in a Salon by the Assoc. Au fil à l'aiguille in 2007.

Quilt en Sud is biannual show and this is the first time I have exhibited there.

Here are a couple of pieces of my work out of about 45 which will be going to these shows.

samedi 17 janvier 2009

Textile arts

I have written an article about my courses for this site Textile Arts which talks about all things textile. Click on the page and it will lead you directly to the article. It is an interesting website and you can find out about tutors, exhibitions, textile holidays etc

jeudi 15 janvier 2009

Landscape embroidered from travels in Australia
That first message was just a try out to see if it was working.
Now I will tell you a little about myself. I am an embroidery artist living in France where I have lived with my husband Peter for 23 years or so. I exhibit and teach my embroidery both here and abroad (Australia). You can see a lot more about me on my website as above.
I welcome contacts from other textile artists with news about exhibitions, possible classes and of course anyone interested in learning my techniques.


today has been beautiful and I had another bonfire - very satisfying