mercredi 29 juillet 2009

Still in Paris

With Lorette and Mimi in the gardens of the Palais Royale - or is it the Tuileries?! We went to both anyway.

View of the Eiffel Tower from the Pompidou Centre

Shop window selling shoes and ballet items near the Place Vendome.

Still enjoying our Paris sojourn and I don't think I've done so much walking for a long time. Had a lovely walk all round the Louvre area with Lorette and Mimi two stagiaires of mine who live in Paris and who have become good friends. Last night we went for dinner chez Marie-Noel another Parisien stagiaire. Lovely 11th floor flat she lives in with views towards La Defense.
Here are a couple more pictures.

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  1. Liz you look so happy you must be having a wonderful time - how could you not in Paris. I love the ballet dress - the colour is beautiful. Suzanne