jeudi 22 octobre 2009

new work

I have just begun a new piece based on landscape in Normandy. I'm doing it with the idea of entering it for a competition which gives me a spur. More and more I want to try embroidering work without framing and this one certainly won't be going under glass or in a frame. But it's not always possible, so much depends on the size and whether a work would stand up to no framing.

I have another week's exhibition in November sharing space with a painter friend. Will it be as successful as my Goudargues experience? Horrible weather at the moment, dark and heavy rain. It was summer until just 2 weeks ago.

J'ai commencé une nouvelle broderie hier basé sur le paysage en Normandie où j'y etais il y a 3 ans. En principe elle est pour un concours mais on verra. Plus en plus je veux éviter l'encadrement de mes oeuvres mais c'est pas toujours possible car beaucoup dépend du taille et le sujet. Le temps fait horrible à ce moment. Il faisait l'été jusqua il y a 2 semaines

4 commentaires:

  1. I know what you mean about the weather Liz--lat week it was 8 deg.Celcius here and this week it is 27.
    Who can figure it out.

  2. now it's like mid-summer, absolutely glorious. worked in the garden yesterday as I oculdn't bear to be indoors.

  3. tu penseras à nous le montrer à la prochaine réunion, la photo est un peu trouble

  4. ah je suis d'accord avec toi, je n'aime pas les oeuvres encadrées, mais pas facile je reconnais