samedi 13 novembre 2010

ochre mines, fondation Blachère, setting sun

We had a lovely day out yesterday. I've wanted to visit the ochre site at Roussillon for an age and finally we made it. Very impressive and having a beautiful day for it really brought out the spectacular colours. On a passé une superbe journée hier à Roussillon chez les mines d'ochre. J'avais envie d'y aller depuis long temps et le site etait très impressionant, couleurs superbes.

We visited the musée after and this is an example of the colours painted - it could be an abstract painting. Voilà un presque abstrait tableau au musée à montrer les pigments

More ochre rock formations.

We then went on to Apt to the Fondation Blachère where we saw several textile artists from Africa exhibiting their fantastic work. Here is an example of details from an enormous 'curtain' composed of squashed bottle tops and metal 'tags' Difficult to see its real beauty here but it was gorgeous in its brilliance.

Après on est allée à la Fondation Blachère à Apt ou on vu une magnifiqu expo des artists textile Africain. Ces details composées de couvercles métal de bouteille et de 'tags' métal. Il est un gigantesque 'rideau' d'un beauté et d'un brilliance.

Then to crown the man-made beauty this amazing sky formed before our eyes on our way home gradually turning in a short space of time from gold and yellow to pink and red. It was so enormous and so hovered there that it felt as though it was about to fall on our heads.

Alors sur notre route de retour ce ciel d'un tout beauté naturel (aprés la beauté de l'art) se manifesta devant nos yeux. Il a commencé en or et en gris et il a finit en rouge et en rose. Ah quel régal.

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