samedi 24 avril 2010

expo Pfaff

Well the piece I did for the Pfaff competition is evidently very successful. At the expo in London I had a buyer for it but as she was not prepared to wait until Sep 2011 when it is all finished she commissioned me to make another. At the Paris venue I have had another buyer who is prepared to wait so it will be interesting to see what happens at all the future venues!
Lorette is coming today from Paris to pick up the two pieces she bought some time ago so my sales are looking very healthy since September last year.

La broderie fait pour le Pfaff concours a attiré un deuxième acheteur et cette fois-ci elle se prepare pour une longue attente jusqu'au sep 2011. Je suis contente bien evidement.
Lorette vient aujourd'hui de Paris de chercher ses 2 oeuvres achetés il y a quelques mois. Beaucoup de ventes depuis sep 2010

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