jeudi 15 juillet 2010

art work and baby

Elsie - a month old

'Sunset at Roman' (Ste Marie)

Normandie landscape (for Briançon)

Well it's been quite a time since I wrote anything. What with one thing and another just haven't got down to it.
I've had two more works accepted for competition/exhibition, the first for Briançon 'la soie dans tous ses états' which in fact gained 3rd prize and is now travelling with France Patchwork somewhere:
The other piece I did was for Ste Marie aux Mines 'la nature' and will be on show at this year's exhibitions from 16 - 19 Sep. That will then go travelling for 2 years including Japon.
My piece for the Pffaf competition was sold twice over - I had to make another - although it won't be available until Sep 2011. Very good year for sales.

Have also acquired a new grandaughter - Elsie - who had problems when she was born a month ago but is now very well and eating properly.
Ce sont mes oeuvres pour 2 concours - sélectionné - et je les reverais pas avant 2 ans. L'oeuvre pour le Pfaff concours a été vendu 2 fois et j'était obligée de refaire une deuxième.
Le bébe est ma nouvelle petite fille née avec des problèmes mais elle va bien maintenant et il y rien de mal d'elle.
J'espère que je laisse pas autant de temps passé avant que j'écrit encore une fois

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  1. Congratulations Liz on all your wonderful news.
    Your grand daughter is beautiful.