lundi 23 février 2009

Australian workshops, ateliers

Now that I am the proud producer of a blog I thought it might be interesting to see how I got on in my workshops in Australia.
I absolutely love going there and the response from students is everything a tutor could hope for. I have taught both week long workshops at various Forums and 2 day workshops for ATASDA, Guild and private groups. They're a very positive bunch of individuals the Australians and here are a few examples of their work. These are from my last forum 2008 in Geelong.
I also had fun of course visiting the South coast - beautiful turqoise sea - Brisbane which I liked very much, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra. I stayed with friends and family everywhere which was great so didn't feel at all like a tourist which I wasn't I suppose anyway.
I went on a 2 day cattle drove with my niece who breeds and trains stock horses. About 300 cattle had to be taken to Nabiac (about 3 hours N of Sydney)for a sort of rodeo (camp draft). That was a fabulous experience and I didn't feel at all (well not much) stiff in the joints.
I also went on a whale watch off the Gold Coast and although I had seen a humpback leaping for about 10 minutes from the shore about a kilometre out the day before I didn't see anything like that from the boat but saw lots of whales coasting about. Lovely creatures.
What lovely memories.

Voilà quelques images des élèves en Australie. Elles etaient formidables, très positives dans leur travail.
Bien évidement je m'amusais bien en visite à la mer - très turquoise - Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney. Je restais chez des amis et chez ma famille partout.
Avec ma niéce on a participer à un 'cattle drove' c'est dire on a guidé avec une douzaine d'autres
persons 300 vaches pendant 2 jours afin d'arriver à Nabiac (petite ville sur le littoral est) pour
un sort de rodeo.
Je suis allée en bateau chercher des baleines - humpback - qu'on a vu. Quels bels animals. Très impressionants
Ah quels beau souvenirs de 'down under'

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  1. Liz - These student work must be a result of such a good teacher. Suzanne