jeudi 5 février 2009

New embroidery

This is my latest landscape from my first visit to Australia in 2006. It's all hand embroidered on a very fine open weave silk which I bought in Australia when I was teaching at the Geelong Forum. I invariably have great problems deciding how to frame - or not - once a work is finished but this one 'The burnt tree' I worked directly onto the length of silk and am leaving it as a hanging. No decisions there then!
As usual it's mainly in straight stitch with the tree itself cut out of lutradur and the background trees torn, spray painted vliesofix.

I've been cleaning and remounting works for the exhibition and getting rid of card mounts to leave the embroideries mounted alone onto thick watercolour paper. But I've kept the glass on some of them and some not, it all depends how they look 'naked'

Voilà une nouvelle paysage Australien. Elle est travaillée sur une soie très fine et tissage 'ouverte'. D'habitude je trouve l'encadrement la plus difficile aspect de mon travail mais cette fois-ci je travaillais directe sur la soie et la laissée libre sans cadre. J'utilisé le point droit, point de noeud, l'arbre est coupé de lutradur et les arbres au fond de vliesofix peint et déchiré.

Pour mon expo à Bourbonne je suis en train de nettoyer et recadre quelques unes sans leurs passe-partouts que j'aime de moins en moins.

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  1. Liz I love this embroidery you have captured the "black stump" so famous in Australian idiom eg "back of the black stump" yet you have given its setting a more gentle look which I really love. A really lovely piece of work. Suzanne