vendredi 17 avril 2009

Follow-on machine embroidery

Well since I have withdrawn the photos of the Pfaff embroidery here are a couple of pieces I did a while ago which shows what can be done in free machining.
I traced my design onto a silk background and then with much changing of threads and alterations of tensions during the work I filled it with solid stitching - which is why the 6 or 7 embroideries I did on the machine were only 9 x 7 cms. As I described before I find machining enjoyable but very bad for back & neck muscles!

Voilà 2 morceaux en piqué libre que j'ai fait il y a quelques temps. Je les montre car je sais qu'il y a des brodeuses qui veulent voir un tel travail. Elles mèsurent toutes les deux 9x7 cms - trop grande et mon corps souffre pendant le travail!

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