lundi 6 avril 2009

pfaff broderie, beau temps

Am making progress with the pfaff embroidery. I don't know how anyone can embroider only with the machine. I have to leave it after about half an hour of work with aching shoulders, a crick in my neck and somewhat boss-eyed from the long concentration. Hand embroidery is so calm! But I think the end result will be worth it - well I hope so as I ain't doing another!
Anyway here are a couple of pics of it before machining began.

Gorgeous weather at the moment. We have redstarts building nests all over the place - one right outside the kitchen door so I hope Bello our cat doesn't get them.

Je fait le progres de ma broderie pour le pfaff challenge - mais le piqué libre me beaucoup fatigue! Il me faut changer ma place après 30 minutes de travail - mes pauvres épaules, le cou et mes yeux qui sait plus quel direction aller!

Quel beau temps à ce moment. Des rouges queue bâtent leurs nids partout et j'espère que notre chat Bello ne fait pas des betises avec eux.

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  1. I agree totally with you...hand sewing is so much more relaxing and portable whereas working on the machine seems more like work.
    Please share the after machining photos..I'm curious.