mercredi 1 avril 2009

rien en particulier

It's a fairly quiet time right now and I'm composing a landscape for the Pfaff embroidery challenge. I'm applying painted vliesofix to the background with cut materials and threads attached before I tackle the free machine embroidery - the most important part as far as Pfaff are concerned. I'll do some try -outs first.

Just had my son & partner with new daughter Eva (remember my post re her birth)? to stay for a few days so here she is again. She's such a sweet natured baby, so adorable. I'm missing her already since they left on Monday.
C'est un périod calme donc je travail sur le paysage pour le Pfaff challenge. Sur le fond j'utilise le vliesofix peint sur lequel j'ajoute des fils et des morceaux de tissus coupés avant que je commence le piqué libre - le plus important travail pour Pfaff. Mon fils et sa compagnon et Eva viennent de passer quelques jours chez nous. Eva est adorable avec un temperament très calme. Elle me manque déjà depuis lundi.

2 commentaires:

  1. I have not tried free form embroidery as of yet, so please keep us posted on your trials and tribulations.
    Beautiful baby....looks well loved!

  2. Oh Liz she is adorable and those big brown eyes just shine.